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There was an owl who lived in a tree, and he cared deeply for the earth below him. One day, the owl saw a pair of rabbits hopping towards his tree, and he decided that he would greet them later in favor of his sleep. When he awoke, he discovered that he could not see the earth below him, for a giant cloud of dirt had risen where he would gaze. He screeched in shock and quickly flew to the ground to see if he could find the cause of this. When he landed, he saw the two rabbits from the previous day cowering underneath an exposed root. He looked at the land which had been gouged with scratch marks and upturned soil. "Why have you done this?" He asked the rabbits as he gazed at their handiwork. "We must find food by digging up the earth. It is how we live." They replied. The owl hmmphed and fixed them with a stare. "I will have none of this affecting how we other forest creatures live. Correct what you have done, for more than just you are affected by what you do to this earth." The rabbits then quickly set to work under the watchful eye of the owl. When the cloud of dirt had dissipated, he declared them done with their task. "But be careful with this earth." He warned them. "For if you do not take care of it, you do not know how it will get you back." The rabbits nodded and waited for him to fly to his nest before they themselves settled in for a nap.

When the owl once more awoke, he saw that the rabbits had not heeded his advice, for he again saw the dark cloud of dirt. He quietly lamented that such atrocities should befall the earth that he could not even see it. The dirt cloud heard him, and beckoned him to come closer, and the owl flew to the closest branch near the cloud, for it hurt his lungs to breathe in the air of the dirt cloud. "Owl," the dirt whispered, "the rabbits below have caused this. They did not heed your advice, nor have they ever. They fled their old home because they had destroyed it to the point where it became uninhabitable. Many creatures tried to warn them of their actions, but they do not listen with their big ears. You are an Owl! You can punish those rabbits, and return us to our mother." Owl nodded, and took to his wing. The rabbits heard the occasional muffle of his wing flap, but when they looked up, they could not see anything past the dust. It was not until Owl came screeching out of the cloud with his talons outstretched and his wild eyes furious that the Rabbits knew they were in danger.

As the owl gobbled them up, the dirt and the earth cried happily as they were reunited.
[link]'s 3:30 here and I had all morning to work on it!


Anyways, this is for ^fllnthblnk 's contest Fable Me This!

I'll admit, I had a tough time of it. This is probably the 23rd time I've rewritten this plot. And I'm still not happy with the ending. But the deadline (albeit 20 hrs away but still.) Maybe when I get some sleep, a better ending will come to me, or maybe one of you AMAZING people will like to butt heads with my sleep deprived one and force an idea out. =)

Plus the writing felt odd and I feel like it's not good. It might be, but because I'm unfamiliar with it...maybe I'm being too harsh on myself, but I think not.

Only critiques will tell! =D


I've been reading some of the other contests entries, and I have no clue what's going to happen. But it's occured to me that perhaps I should explain what my moral is? Basically, the rabbits are the human population, and the Owl is the outcome and well, earth is earth, and I'm trying to say, that If we don't treat the earth with respect, it's just going to kill us all.
Or as my friend put, "So the moral of the story is, kids, if you destroy the earth, you'll be tattled on and killed by a psycho-earth-lover".

Anyways, night, and Happy Memorial day!
LunaticStar Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2010
Dust bunnies! Hur hur. xD
Omnitelik Featured By Owner May 31, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
XD psycho earth lover...
Well... i was kinda wondering where this was going cuz rabbits are SUPPOSED to burrow. I mean, in some ways i guess humans are supposed to build cities, but how we do it is disruptive, destructive, and wasteful. I suppose the rabbits could have been attributed the same way, but it was a little hard to see. o_O
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